Exhibition 06-05-2023
The second guest of Loft Art's "Prestige Exhibition" series will be Mehmet Güleryüz

Loft Art, an independent art space that aims to create opportunities for equal representation in the art world for young and independent artists, is presenting its second "Prestige Exhibition" series, which honors master artists once a year. The exhibition will feature the works of Mehmet Güleryüz, one of Turkey's important artists, and will be open to art lovers at Loft Art from May 9th to July 9th, 2023.

Exhibition 05-06-2022
"Quai Aux Fleurs" exhibition hosted at Parisian gallery Cyril Guernieri

The "Quai Aux Fleurs" exhibition, consisting of Mehmet Güleryüz's latest works in Paris, took place at Gallery Cyril Guernieri, Paris, between 22 May - 4 June 2022.

Exhibition 30-09-2021
"State of Line" exhibition at Nilüfer, Bursa

One of the leading names of Contemporary Turkish Painting, Mehmet Güleryüz's "State of Line" exhibition can be viewed at the Nâzım Hikmet Culture House in Bursa between September 17 and November 17, 2021.

Exhibition 20-04-2021
Mehmet Güleryüz in the Museum: "7 Continents, 7 Roosters: Good Morning to the Children of the World"

"7 Continents, 7 Roosters: Good Morning to the Children of the World" exhibition, where different disciplines come together to address cultural diversity, offers the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of inclusiveness by entering into a visual and auditory harmony with the toys in the Istanbul Toy Museum collection. Created on the basis of 7 continents and their cultures, the exhibition invites art lovers to explore continents with the works of Mehmet Güleryüz in different rooms of the museum.

Project 14-04-2021
"Mehmet Güleryüz Notebook Project" in its 10th Year

In the "tenth" year of the "Mehmet Güleryüz Notebook Project", 96 notebooks sent from 16 Fine Arts High Schools were evaluated by the painter Mehmet Güleryüz. Due to the pandemic conditions affecting the whole world, the evaluation was made with the Zoom application. Mr Güleryüz examined the notebooks sent to Edirne Hasan Rıza Fine Arts High School, page by page, through a live connection he made from Paris. The evaluation made with the Zoom application was completed in five days with a total of 17 hours of live connections. After examining more than 9600 pages of drawings in 96 notebooks, 14 students were awarded success and 22 students were awarded honourable mentions by Mr Mehmet Güleryüz.

Exhibition 02-12-2020
"The Secret Portraits and Others" at Gallery 11.17

A selection of drawings and paintings of Mehmet Güleryüz, one of the leading names of Turkish contemporary art, will be exhibited at Gallery 11.17. The work of the artist invites the audience to reexamine and reflect on the mundane, the routine, a sort of guided journey into the here and now, leaving the viewer with a new perspective from which to reexamine their surroundings. The exhibition brings together figurative and portrait works created between 2000-2019. Mehmet Güleryüz's drawings contain the artist's inner world, observations and fantastic images realised with the artist's unique style.

Exhibition 14-02-2020
"De bout en bout", an exhibition featuring a special selection of works will be on display at La galerie at Lycée Saint Benoît d'Istanbul

The Saint Benoit Lycee with the support of The Empire Project, is proud to be presenting a special collection of works by one of Turkey's most important living artists, Mehmet Guleryuz. A prolific artist, teacher and champion of the arts, Guleryuz returns to Saint Benoit where he was a student after nearly 70 years . The exhibition will take place between the 11th of March and will be on display till the 10th of April 2020 on the campus of The Saint Benoit Lycee in “La Galerie”.

Exhibition 29-11-2019
Latest works on display in Istanbul, at "Bashibazouk Volume IV: "Nothing Human is Alien to me"

The Empire Project is proud to announce a new collaboration with Ekavart, with a new edition of "Bashibazouk" series, the 4th, a group show that showcases new works from its established artists as well as highlights new talents. Among the featured artist will be new and unseen works from Mehmet Güleryüz, Can Pekdemir, Emin Altan and Çınar Eslek.

Exhibition 01-03-2019
"The Garden of Complaints" exhibition opens in Paris on March 14, 2019

Presented at the Cyril Guernieri gallery in November / December 2018, the exhibition "De l'Intérieur" by Mehmet Güleryüz was hailed by the press as a revelation. Regarded as one of the greatest contemporary Turkish artists, Mehmet Güleryüz had, indeed, not exhibited in France since the 80s. The young Paris gallery now offers us to discover his drawings with the exhibition "The Garden of Complaints", that will be presented from March 14 to April 6. And it is, without a doubt, a new revelation!

Exhibition 16-11-2018
"De l'Intérieur" exhibition opened in Paris on November 15, 2018

Consisting of recent works by Mehmet Güleryüz painted while in Paris, the exhibition "De l'Intérieur" is taking place at the Gallery Cyril Guernieri in Paris, between 15 November - 22 December 2018.

Fair 10-04-2018
Latest works on display in Paris, at "Le Salon du Livre Rare & de l'Objet d'Art" Fair

The latest works produced by Mehmet Güleryüz in Paris will be exhibited at the Galerie Cyril Guernieri stand at the "Salon International du Livre Rare & de l'Objet d'Art" Fair in Paris, Grand Palais between 13-15 April 2018.

Exhibition 20-03-2018
“On the Road“ at Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai

“On the Road“, a show of selected art works by Turkey’s most prominent living modern artist Mehmet Güleryüz opening on Tuesday 17th April 2018 at JAMAAT Art Gallery (Mumbai, India)

Exhibition 20-02-2017

The Empire Project Gallery is proud to announce its 2017 opening exhibition “Despite” comprised of a series of brand new drawings from Mehmet Güleryüz. This selection of works is another significant milestone in the near 60 year artistic career of one of the foremost draftsmen of his generation.

Fair 11-11-2015
Contemporary Istanbul 2015

Recent works by Mehmet Güleryüz can be seen at Contemporary Istanbul, The Empire Project booth B1 102 between November 12–15, 2015.

Exhibition 08-01-2015
“Painter and Painting: Mehmet Güleryüz”

A new exhibition at Istanbul Modern, “Painter and Painting: A Mehmet Güleryüz Retrospective,” is presenting an inventory of the artist’s oeuvre from the 1960s to the 2010s.

Exhibition 01-03-2013
"With One's Eyes Open" at The Empire Project

In his 55th year of art, Mehmet Güleryüz will be displaying his new paintings and drawings at The Empire Project.